Personal Chef, Catering and partners

Are you planning a special date? For yourself, your partner or for a group of people? Do you want to surprise someone? For their birthday, or for your anniversary? Do you want to spend time together and concentrate on each other? Are you planning a ritual, a seminar, a workshop or festival and want to provide the guests and participants with fingerfood or more? Or maybe you just want to lean back after a hard week and enjoy some heavenly delights, and a special service we all deserve?

With FoodfeTisch there is no limits. Ranging from a special dinner for one to feeding five-hundred people over several days at your event, anything is possible! We work with special ingredients, aphrodisiacs, and with our partners and friends can bring you even more than just food & drinks, if you please. Be that as simple as decoration, a host or hostess, table service, massage, or a yoga course, a workshop on hypnosis, polyamory or playfight, cuddle parties or shouting workshops, orgasmic yoga etc, accommodated with our special dishes to power your inner strength to get to where you want to stand. Just tell us what you’d like, and we will put you in contact with our hand picked partners. From private sessions to bigger events, the limit is only our imagination.

Eat love sleep repeat and leave the dishes for us!