Frequently Asked Questions

  • At the Dinner Events, do you have a dresscode?

    Dress to impress! Put on clothes (or take them off) as You feel the tastiest and most delicious. Be luscious Yourself! You can of course change yourself at the location. The locations with a sexpositive party afterwards, there is generous amount of space to change and makes yourselves pretty. At the low-threshold spaces there is also space to change, usually rather smaller.

  • Or I would like to go on a date with someone (or with more than one person).
    We welcome registrations of couples or groups who want to enjoy their Dinner together and have a special Evening. Let us know about your seating preferences at your registration to take it into account! Groups discounts are possible on an individual basis.

  • I am single or would like to go there alone, can I join?
    We try to get a relatively balanced group in terms of gender.  Most of our locations are set up as a long common table or a few bigger tables, so there is plenty of opportunity to mingle and get to know each other. We also facilitate the evening with games in between courses, so no worries if you are shy or unsure, just be yourself!

  • I am shy/Sexpositivity is new for me, what can you recommend?
    We host Dinners in Sex-explicit places with a playparty following it, as well as regular Dinners where open or explicit sexuality is not on the table. Flirting is always possible, consent in each and every case is a house rule. As such, each Dinner is different, you are more than welcome to join at a regular, low-threshold Dinner. Whatever you decide, your consent is important for us, and nothing will happen to you that you don’t agree to at the sex-positive spaces either.
  • I have dietary restrictions of allergies. Is your event suitable for me?
    We can accomodate most likely any restriction or allergy if you let us know in advance. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you have nothing to worry about, you will be more than happy on our dinners. If you are allergic to gluten we will definitely find a way to fit the dishes to your needs, but please let us know at your registration. For every other allergies and intolerances please mention it at the registration to make sure we can cater to your needs!