About FoodfeTisch

FoodfeTisch is a place to allow yourself to indulge. Sometimes in the simplest ways. It’s a community. It’s a form of self love. It’s a way to give to others. It’s a way to attempt time travel. It’s sensual. It’s kink. It’s consent. It’s luxury in everyday life. It’s making conscious decisions. It’s body love. It’s a smell, taste, consistency, and power. It’s giving in to desire. It’s consciously driving that desire. It’s gaining energy to do more. It’s taking care of ourselves. It’s nourishment beyond feeding ourselves. It’s savoring what the Earth has given us. It’s making sure there will be more.

FoodfeTisch is a wordplay on table.

We forget to say thank you, not to Gods but to beings working our fields, the farmers bringing the harvest to us, the caring hands assembling our dishes, and caring hands cleaning them again. We forgot to say thank you for ourselves. For choosing the harvest, for assembling our own dishes, for caring of ourselves and each other. Let’s take a seat at the table, and take each and every step consciously, to nourish ourselves, tickling all of our senses and attract our dinner dates to join.

FoodfeTisch is body work.

We organise exclusive Dinner parties. We cook for special Dates when you want to have something special, when you don’t have the time and when you want to concentrate on your partners. We cater sexparties and body positive retreats, as well as rituals and weddings. We educate you what to eat so eating you out will taste like dessert. We love to feed you. Put things in your mouth. Some things are made to savour and swallow.