Secret Dinner Dates are coming on your tables soon!
Exclusive setting, 6+ courses, drink pairing with and without alcohol, selected locations, pure indulgence dishes and flirtatious conversations await you.

The first FoodfeTisch Dinner date & play takes place on the 9. February 2019, Saturday from 7 PM in Schwelle, Tellgasse 25, 1150 Vienna.
Send your registrations by email to

A special evening where all your senses and lust shall be awakened

We will savour this night. Taste. Touch. Smell. See. They say you are what you eat. So, who will you be tonight? With me and next to me? I smell, I taste, I sense what you are, taste what you have become.

Preparing and serving food and drinks is a very intimate act. I place something in your mouth, or in my own. And it gets swallowed. I take these steps, at each and every course, consciously and with desire. Because everything has its impact.

Our Ceremonial Master guides us through the night, while the Chef prepares selected, exquisite, carefully-constructed dishes infused with aphrodisiacs, composed of foods that warm us up from the inside. The combination lets our juices flow and gives us power to play through the evening. It is hypnosis through the palate. The assortment of ingredients and infusions will also change our bodies, how we smell, how we taste. The real dessert, after the sweet dish, is ourselves to each other.

FoodfeTisch is a place to allow yourself to indulge; sometimes in the simplest of ways. It is self-love. It is a way to give to others. It is a way to attempt time travel. It is sensual. It is kink. It is consent. It is luxury in everyday life. It is body-love. It is giving in to desire and consciously driving that desire. It is nourishment beyond feeding ourselves. It is savoring what the Earth has given us. It is making sure that there will be more.

Your personal chef Rheta Ernst has a passion for lustful plating, special ingredients, their scent and impact. They have developed their specially-curated gourmet Menü, experimenting on consenting adults, to bring FoodfeTisch to your table.

Let us take a seat at the table and take each and every step consciously, to nourish ourselves, stimulating all of our senses and each other.

FoodfeTisch is bodywork.

What is included?

Your ticket includes a full package of surprises and treats! What we are willing to reveal: a welcome drink, a 6-course dinner (and more surprises) made out of carefully-selected dishes combined to provide a unique sensory experience. A carefully-curated atmosphere to ensure your comfort while challenging you to interact with your food and your companions.

Special wishes and seating:

Whether you are eating at the table or next to it on the floor, eating from plates with the correct silverware, from a baby’s bottle and your childhood plate, from a pet bowl or perhaps while being tied to the chair, it is all up to your taste. We will try to accommodate special wishes. Let us know if you have any preferred seating arrangements. Maybe you would like to sit together at a big table with many new faces? Or perhaps you would prefer a sensual date with one or more of your partners? If you have any special needs regarding food, food allergies or intolerances, let us know. Whether you are lactose-intolerant, vegan or vegetarian, you will be more than happy at our dinners.

For any preferences and wishes you may have, please ask us during registration.


Dress to impress! Dress up (or take your clothes off) to feel at your most tasteful and tasty! Be your luscious self! You will be given an opportunity to change at the location and complete your outfit upon arrival. Since Schwelle cannot be accessed while wearing street shoes due to hygiene, street shoes stay at the entrance; therefore, please either bring fitting shoes or enjoy your special restaurant experience barefoot.

Registration and prices:

Registration is possible up to two days before the event.
A limited amount of Early Bird tickets will be available, until December 30th, at €85 per person.

Standard tickets €99.

Schwelle Members receive a €10 discount.

Drink pairing for each course: €34. Each and every course will be paired with carefully-selected wines, cocktails and more, as well as alcohol-free options using high-quality juices, virgin cocktails, homemade drinks containing natural aphrodisiacs and specialties for each course. When opting for drink pairings, you will have the choice to pick alcoholic or alcohol-free options for each course individually. You may order drink pairings during your reservation, or directly upon arrival at FoodfeTisch Dinner Date & Play itself.

We will also have à la carte drinks available.

The organisers reserve the right to keep a waiting list to ensure a balance of genders.

Group discounts possible upon request.

Send your registrations by email to

The evening is open to people over 18, of any gender(s), any sexual (non-)orientation, in any form of relationship(s) and with any and all kinds of bodies – Let’s celebrate diversity!

We are looking forward to meet you all!